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About Us

What is Dragon Boat?

Dragon boat racing is an ancient canoeing sport that accommodates 20 paddlers (2 per row), a drummer and a steersman. Having been a part of religious ceremonies and folk customs for more than two millenniums, dragon boat racing has more recently risen to become a competitive international sport.

Our Team

The University of California, San Diego Dragon Boat Team strives to be a top performing dragon boat team whose victories are a result of a unified cohesive team effort where the merit in victories is not measured by the number of medals but by the unified growth of the team as a whole.


We take pride in the work we put in, pushing each other on and off the boat every day to become the best group of athletes and individuals possible.


Founded in 2003, we uphold the tradition of building teamwork and promoting lifelong camaraderie between crew members while competing at the top level of collegiate dragon boat teams.


Teammates on the water, friends off the water. We take passion in walking off the boat with some of the most down-to-earth, hard-working people you’ll ever meet here at UCSD.

UCSD Dragon Boat is currently recruiting!
Do you have what it takes?